As reviewed by Lewis and Simon of the Yogscast, The Uranium Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 is one mod that is suprisingly similar to the TNT mod. It includes a new form of TNT that, when detonated, destroyed much more blocks than a usual TNT bomb would. Also included in the mod is a new type of Ore, known as Uranium, that has similar properties to the cactus within Minecraft.

Perhaps the most interesting and useful part of the Uranium Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 is the fact that users can create a tool known as a “Paxel”. The new tool provides users with all the abilities that Pickaxes, Wood Axes, and Shoves have, with the convenience of using them all with one multi-tool. This is definitely something that has never been done in a Minecraft Mod before and it is perhaps something worth looking into for future releases of Minecraft.

Unfortunately, The Uranium Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 does require you install ModLoader which can be found here. Once Modloader is set up, installation is as simple as copying the contents of the Mod’s archive into your Minecraft.jar file.

Personally I enjoyed this mod, however I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis especially because it is such a new/buggy mod that may have a tendency to have other negative effects on the game. If you are someone looking for something interesting to experiment with than I suggest you try it out and see what you can do with your Uranium Ore! Other than that, I don’t think this mod is worth holding on to for any other reason other than the multi-tool feature.


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