As most Minecraft players know, The Yogscast is a Youtube sensation which consists of a British duo who role play within Minecraft. While extremely popular the group is always looking for new ways to expand their audience and generate new and exciting content for the Minecraft community. Their latest project is known as the YogBox, a Minecraft mod compilation pack that includes bits and pieces of some very impressive modifications.

Claimed to be a “work-in-progress compilation pack of the best mods out there”, the YogBox has already recieved over 1Million downloads and it is still in a buggy state. This just goes to show how popular the group is and how hard they are willing to work to further expand their audience.

Consisting of very carefully chosen mods, The YogBox is truly a delight to play with. After an hour of gameplay I noticed several new additions that even Mojang should consider adding to the game. Mo’Creatures and Millenaire, two mods of which were very well implemented, realy make the Minecraft experience much more interesting and user friendly.

Below is a list of the Mods included in the Pack (currently in version Beta 0.3)

  • Somnia by MALfunction84
  • More Health by nohero
  • ModOptions API by Clintonxa
  • Mo’ Creatures by DrZhark
  • GUI API by Lahwran
  • Pistons mod by Hippoplatimus
  • DaftPVF’s mods (Slime Gear, Score, Heal on Easy, Starting Inventory, grass tweaks, Treecapitator)
  • Risugami’s Mods (ModLoader, AudioMod, Death Chest, Shelves, More Stackables, More Arrows)
  • Airship and sky pirates by Pchan3
  • Millenaire by Kinniken (with Core Replacement pack by Digital War)
  • Hogofwar’s Mods (Magical Bone Sticks, Bone Torch, Biome Caves, Tree Dungeons, and many more)
  • Buried Treasures by Club559 and NCrawler and Pudding Huxtable
  • ConvenientInventory by Evenprime
  • Painterly Pack by Rhodox

Unfortunately for those of you who have recently updated to version 1.7, there is no YogBox mod pack available. The current release of Yogscasts YogBox only operates on Minecraft 1.6.2 however an updated version of the pack is currently in progress and will hopefully be out soon. Until then we recommend you keep your Minecraft at version 1.6.2 if you are interested in continuous use of the YogBox.

Overall, we found the YogBox to be a very interesting addition to our fresh installations of Minecraft and would highly recommend you try it out. It does not alter the chemistry of Minecrafts gameplay too much and really brings a nice new feel to the game.

If you are in fact interested you should visit the YogsCast website here in order to find the download links for this incredible modpack as well as installation instructions.

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