Blocklings Mod 1.13/1.12.2


Blocklings Mod – The Blocklings mod is simply what each lonely Minecraft participant on solo worlds has been ready for – a mod which introduces a variety of potential new allies who develop with the participant, turning into stronger as extra time passes. That is far past what you’ve come to anticipate from easy wolves, regardless that there’s all the time going to be a spot for these loyal canine in Minecraft. Principally, this mod provides small, cubic critters which could be tamed by the participant after which pressed into service to assist in fight in opposition to hostile mobs. You would possibly miss them at first, since they appear to be blocks you might decide up of their toddler levels.


The critters solely spawn in forest and plains biomes, which does slim down the areas to go looking but in addition means you’re out of luck in case you spawn in a taiga, or mountains, or another biome far-off from these two. Blocklings are tamed utilizing flowers (any flowers, even the newer ones) and after you have them in your facet, you may feed them plenty of totally different improve gadgets at your leisure to assist them develop huge and powerful. The Blocklings mod provides a particular GUI simply to your new monster buddies, which lets you monitor their progress, present HP and different necessary stats.

Blocklings Mod for Minecraft Changelogs

Fixed some bugs.

Methods to set up Blocklings Mod for Minecraft

  1. You simply need minecraftforge installed.
  2. Now, just download the mod installer.